Enroll in Marshalltown Schools TODAY!

Children may attend school in Marshalltown whether their home is inside the school district, in an adjacent community, in a rural area, or elsewhere in Iowa. If students live outside the Marshalltown district but wish to attend school here, the family simply files an application under Iowa's open enrollment law. More than 75 students are currently enrolled on that basis.

Tuition: There is no charge to families for tuition, in any case. If a student desires to attend school in Marshalltown and lives in a different school district, that district transfers funds to Marshalltown to cover the cost.

Transportation: Inside the Marshalltown district, school bus transportation is provided free if the children live too far from school to walk. Families of students who live outside the district must arrange their own transportation to a Marshalltown school, or to a Marshalltown school bus route. In many instances, parents who live elsewhere and work in Marshalltown deliver their children to school.

Textbooks are supplied by the school, but there is a fee for their use. Students are expected to bring their own basic school supplies. There are fees for some courses which involve individual expenses such as lab materials.

Child care: Some elementary buildings offer child care before and after school. Open enrollment students may request these buildings, although space cannot be guaranteed.

Athletics: High school students who transfer into the district may be temporarily unable to compete with other schools in team sports. This section of the law is intended to prevent recruiting of star athletes. It applies only to the first 90 days in the new school. During that time the new student may take part in all sports and team practice but may not play in games or contests with other schools. If your family includes a varsity athlete, you may wish to discuss this aspect with the coach. There is no restriction on new student athletes who live inside the Marshalltown district.

How to apply: If you are moving into the Marshalltown area and want your child or children to attend Marshalltown schools, but you expect to live outside the school district, you will need to fill out an application form required by the state. It is not complicated. If you already live nearby and want to transfer to Marshalltown schools, you use the same form, but file it earlier. Your completed application must be taken or mailed to the school district. Marshalltown schools have forms available from Central Office, 641-754-1000.

When to apply: If you are moving into the area, or moving from Marshalltown to a nearby district, the law specifies a deadline of June 30 before the school year beginning that fall. If you are not changing your residence but wish to change schools, the legal deadline is March 1 (September 1 for kindergarten students) of the year when you wish to transfer in the fall. School boards may waive those deadlines and late applications are frequently accepted. If possible, students should enroll before the school year begins in the fall, to assure state funding for their expenses.

Registration for the 2015-16 school year is June 9 (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and June 10 (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Kindergarten through 8th grade registration is at Miller Middle School. High school registration is at Marshalltown High School.