School Delays & Cancellations Policy

During snowstorms there will be school unless there is an announcement over radio stations KFJB-1230AM, KXIA-101FM, and KDAO-1190AM, 95.5FM and 99.5 FM by 6:30 a.m., stating that school will not be held. Television stations include KCCI, WHO and WOI. The announcement will also be made on the school district website and on the district Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Superintendent and Director of Transportation make decisions about weather-related school cancellations between 4 and 6 a.m. They make announcements as early as possible based on what's safe for students and staff, taking into account the forecast, ice, wind, visibility, condition of bus routes including rural routes, etc.

If most roads are open and safe to travel, the schools, too, will most likely be open for those who are well and able to attend.

There may be some - those who are not well and small children - whose parents may feel should not attend and who would not be expected to do so. Parents should use their own good judgment.

If school is delayed, Marshalltown High School students do not report to early morning classes. If school is delayed one hour, starting time is 9:30 a.m. If school is delayed two hours, starting time is 10:30am. EARLY MORNING CLASSES ARE CANCELLED ANY TIME THERE IS A DELAY.

If a storm strikes while school is in session, there will be an early dismissal if highway authorities and those in charge of the school and city buses decide the buses would be unable to safely make the trip at the regular time. Parents may pick up their children early if they wish, or in the case of high school students driving cars, may request their early dismissal.


The District provides a service for parents who wish to be emailed in the event school is dismissed early as a result of weather or other complications. This service will be in effect after 8 a.m. and until 4 p.m., or the length of the regular school day.

To sign up to be on the early dismissal notification list, email Andrew Potter at