Marshalltown hosts district Special Olympics, advances several athletes to state

Marshalltown High School played host to the Special Olympics District Meet Saturday, April 16, with a number of Bobcat athletes competing and advancing to the state meet.

All first-place (blue ribbon) competitors earned a spot at the Iowa Special Olympics Summer Games May 26-28 at Iowa State University.

Swim Meet First Place Finishers:

  • Tomi Degrado- 50 Yd freestyle, 50 yd backstroke
  • JoAnn Johnson- 200 yd freestyle, 100yd backstroke
  • Jonny Laughlin- 25yd freestyle
  • McKenze Lubbert- 50 yd freestyle, 50 yd backstroke, relay
  • Harry Metzger- 50yd backstroke
  • Autumn Nelson- 50yd freestyle, 50yd backstroke
  • Daniell Sanchez- 50yd freestyle, 50yd backstroke
  • Page Shattuck- 25yd floatation
  • Crysa Vergauwen- 50 yd freestyle, 50 yd breatstroke, relay
  • Robert Wood- 25yd freestyle, 50yd backstroke
  • Isaac Youngblood- 25 yd freestyle
  • Daniel Wieland- relay
  • John Johnson- relay

Track/Field Events First Place Finishers:

  • Tim Cunningham- Softball throw
  • Elizabeth Lira- Standing Long Jump, 100 M Dash
  • Joey Fisher-50 M Dash

Swim Meet Second Place Finishers:

  • Cody Freese- 25yd freestyle
  • John Johnson- 25yd freestyle
  • Colton Lubbert- 25yd backsroke
  • Daniel Wieland- 50yd freestyle, 50yd backstroke
  • Tomi DeGrado-relay
  • Landon Gunderson- relay
  • JoAnn Johnson- relay
  • Blaine Fuller- relay
  • Autumn Nelson- relay
  • Robert Wood- relay
  • Harry Metzger- relay

Swim Meet Third Place Finishers:

  • John Johnson- 100yd backstroke
  • Colton Lubbert- 25yd freestyle
  • Harry Metzger- 50 yd freestyle

Swim Meet Fourth Place Finishers:

  • Jacob Riemenschneider- 25yd freestyle

Swim Meet Participation Ribbon:

  • Sam Lang

Two young athletes making their first state appearance are Dakota Black (9) and Martin Herrer (10). Black earned first place in the softball throw and 50m-dash. Herrera earned a blue ribbon in the softball throw and 50m-dash.