Bobcat Special Olympics compete in Winter Games

Marshalltown Special Olympics athletes competed in the Winter Games Jan. 9-11, 2012, in Dubuque.

More than 25 students and staff participated in the games, as well as the many other activities, including: opening ceremonies, the torch lighting, awards banquets and a pool party.

“The Bobcats did a tremendous job of competing at the Winter Games in Dubuque,” said Aaron Shipley, Special Olympics coordinator. “All of them showed great determination and effort while participating. This experience is a very special one for our athletes, and I would like to thank the staff and chaperones who helped this great event take place.”


Snow Shoe


Breanna Woolridge Silver
Robert Wood Silver
Colton Lubbert Gold
Richard Olmstead Bronze
McKenze Lubbert Silver
Cody Freese Silver


McKenze Lubbert Gold
Colton Lubbert Gold
Richard Olmstead Bronze
Robert Wood Bronze


Laura Drennon Gold
Leticia Flores Bronze
Miguel Salas 5th Place
Micheal Manley Gold


Breanna Woolridge Bronze
Miguel Salas 4th Place
Micheal Manley Gold
Laura Drennon Gold
Leticia Flores Silver
Cody Freese Silver

Cross Country Skiing


Travis Mull Gold
John Johnson Gold


Travis Mull Gold
John Johnson Bronze
Jenny Sinclair 5th Place
Autumn Nelson 5th Place


Jenny Sinclair Silver
Autumn Nelson Silver

Alpine Skiing

Giant Slaloom

Isaac Youngblood Gold
Victor Puckett Gold
Daniel Sanchez Bronze
Tesa Nichol Silver
Joey Fisher Silver

Regular Slaloom

Isaac Youngblood Silver
Victor Puckett 4th Place
Daniel Sanchez Gold
Tesa Nichol 4th Place
Joey Fisher Bronze