Job shadowing links MHS student passions to real-world experiences

Jesse Gale always wanted to be a rock star. His passion for classic rock and his desire to work in the music industry prompted Marshalltown High School teacher Creighton Jenness to set up a job shadowing experience with KGGO radio, one of several job shadowing experiences helping MHS students connect their interests with real-world opportunities.

Gale spent Feb. 20 in the KGGO studios with radio personality Clutch. He was able to tour the studio, sit in on a live broadcast, and even go on the air live with Clutch.

“KGGO did an amazing job with this experience and Clutch was first class,” Jenness said. “Clutch talked with Jesse and [me] about school and how important it is to go to classes…He also gave Jesse some advice about how to get into the music industry and into radio.”

Gale found the experience extremely rewarding.

“I will never forget this because this is something I’ve wanted to do since elementary school,” he said. “Now I think I know what is needed for this job because you can’t just hop onto [the radio],  you have to start with a basic broadcasting college class then you work your way onto a station. It takes lots of patience and a positive attitude.”

Another MHS teacher, Justin Boliver, also connected one of his students with a job shadow opportunity with the Department of Natural Resources.  MHS science teacher Erica Malloy, whose husband works for the DNR, helped arrange that job shadow.

Jenness says they are still in the early stages of developing the job shadowing program, but he hopes to see more opportunities for students in the near future.

“I think that these job experiences are very beneficial for the students and it helps them see that the things that they are learning during their time in the Marshalltown Community School District are important and will help them throughout their entire life,” he said. “Many students only have the opportunity to learn about what their parents or siblings do.  They do not realize there are so many opportunities for them outside of home.”

The Work Experience Program at MHS is coordinated by Aaron Shipley.