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Miller launches ‘Manner Up!’ video series

Bob "Bob Cat" Gilbertson.

On Monday afternoons everyone at Miller Middle School can expect “Mama Cat” and “Bob Cat” to appear on their television screens. The duo star in Manner Up!, a new video series produced by and starring Miller staff and students with messages about good manners and respect.

Language arts teacher Mary Fitzgerald portrays “Mama Cat”, while “Bob Cat” is social studies teacher Bob Gilbertson. Media specialist Dave Stanfield is in charge of filming the videos, which along with Fitzgerald and Gilbertson will feature a variety of Miller students and staff.

The first video – “Dare Not to Swear” – premiered Monday afternoon (March 12). Following the 11-minute video, classrooms had discussions about behavior expectations and being held accountable for them.

Mary "Mama Cat" Fitzgerald.

“I am very excited about this initiative to improve our climate at Miller regarding respect and manners,” Principal Sharon McKimpson said. “Many talented hands are helping with Manner Up!.”

A new video will premiere every Monday afternoon for the rest of the school year.