Fisher students hold Reader’s Theater in “Cat’s Café”


For a little while on Tuesday, May 15, Courtney Lenz’s third grade classroom at Fisher Elementary took on the appearances of a hip and trendy bistro. Tables were set, (battery-operated) candles flickered, and light refreshments were served.

It wasn’t the ambiance, however, that drew a large crowd to Cat’s Café, but the Reader’s Theater performances by Ms. Lenz’s third grade students.

Throughout the year, Ms. Lenz’s students use Reader’s Theater scripts to work on reading fluency. With Reader’s Theater, students practice accuracy, rate, expression and volume. Several weeks ago, each reading group chose a favorite Reader’s Theater script from the year and rehearsed it to perform Tuesday.

“Through the use of props and costumes, the performances were a HUGE success!” Ms. Lenz said. “It truly is exciting to see so many parents and family members involved in their student’s learning.”

Ms. Lenz says she plans to make Cat’s Café an annual event.