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Marshalltown students participate in Iowa State Special Olympics Summer Games

Skylar Smith claims his gold medal for the Softball Throw.

Marshalltown Special Olympics participated in the Iowa State Summer Games May 17-19 in Ames, winning numerous gold medals.

Nearly 3,000 athletes from across Iowa competed on Iowa State University’s campus. Marshalltown had students participate in a variety of sports including cycling, swimming, and track and field.

The results are as follows:

—-Track and Field—-

Gold Medal Winners
Joey Fisher – 100 M Dash
Skylar Smith – Softball Throw
Rachel McMahon-Softball Throw

Silver Medal Winners
Joey Fisher – 50 M Dash
Skylar Smith – 50 M Dash
Laura Drennon – Softball Throw
Richard Olmstead – Softball Throw

Bronze Medal Winners
Leticia Flores – Softball Throw
Richard Olmstead – 50 M Dash

6th Place Ribbon
Brittany Ryerson – Softball Throw


Gold Medal Winners
Liz Bovee- 250M Modified
McKenze Lubbert/Chandler Fisher- 1K Unified
Drake Fisher- 250M Modified
Nick Hildreth- 1K Modified
John Johnson- 250M Modified
John Johnson/Scott Mills- 1K Unified
Jonny Laughlin- 250M Modified
Jonny Laughlin- Travis Nehring 1 K Unified
Bea Leon- 250M Modified
Rachel McMahon/Shelby Mills- 1K Unfied

Silver Medal Winners
Bea Leon/Eli Devin- 1K Unified
Drake Fisher- 1K Modified
Nick Hildreth- 250M Modified
Breanna Wooldridge- 1K Modified, 250M Modified

Bronze Medal Winners
Bella Victor- 250M Modified
McKenze Lubbert- 250M Modified

4th Place Ribbon
Francisco Rodriguez- 250M Modified


Gold Medal Winners
McKenze Lubbert, 50Yd Freestyle, 50yd Backstroke
Michael Manley- 25 yd Backstroke
Martin Herrera- 25 yd Breastroke
Crysa Vergauwen- 50yd Breastroke
Christian Banderas- 25yd Flotation
Oscar Gutierrez- 15 yd Flotation
Miguel Salas- 25 yd Backstroke
Cody Freese- 25 yd Backstroke
Relay team: Page Shattuck, Daniel Wieland, Michael Manley, Cody  Freese

Silver Medal Winners
Faith Legg- 25 yd Freestyle
Andres Levia- 50yd Freestyle
Isaac Youngblood- 25 yd Backstroke
Crysa Vergauwen- 50 Yd Backstroke
Daniel Wieland- 50 Yd Backstroke
Martin Herrera- 25 yd Freestyle

Bronze Medal Winners
Isaac Youngblood- 25 Yd Freestyle

4th Place
Michael Manley- 25 Yd Freestyle
Daniel Wieland- 50 Yd Freestyle

5th Place
Miguel Salas- 25 Yd Freestyle