MHS musicians selected for All-State

Row 1: Joe Metzger, String Bass, All-State Orchestra. Row 2: Hannah Stone, Bass Clarinet, All-State Band; Abigail Stone, Alto Clarinet, All-State Band. Row 3: Liz Russell, All-State Choir; Analisa Iole, Clarinet, All-State Band. Row 4: Brenda Zavala-Livengood, Alternate, All-State Choir; Therese Kuhlman, Flute, All-State Band. Carlos Woerner, All-State Choir. Row 5: Grace Franck, All-State Choir; Aaron Schwandt, Alternate Bari Sax, All-State Band; Joe Cahill, All-State Choir.

Multiple Marshalltown High School musicians were selected for All-State band, orchestra and choir during auditions Oct. 20.

Selected for membership in the All-State Chorus are: Grace Franck, Liz Russell, Joe Cahill, Carlos Woerner and first alternate, Brenda Livengood.

Selected for membership in the All-State Band are: Analisa Iole, Therese Kuhlman, Abigail Stone, Hannah Stone and alternate, Aaron Schwandt; and selected as a member of the All-State Orchestra is Joe Metzger.

These students are among the elite 17 percent selected of all the students who auditioned on Saturday.