Marshalltown students hold mock elections

In the days and weeks prior to the presidential election Nov. 6 students across Marshalltown learned about the candidates, the election process, and held mock elections in their schools.

Most schools cast ballots for the presidential election, though Woodbury Elementary held a candy election, having students vote between Twizzlers and Smarties (Smarties won). Schools shared information on both candidates, taught students about the election process, and set up voting booths to insure anonymity.

Results are listed below, along with the date of the election:

Anson (Nov. 6)

Obama 86%

Romney 14%


Fisher (Nov. 6)

Obama 76%

Romney 24%


Franklin (Nov. 6)

Obama 73%

Romney 27%


Hoglan (Nov. 5)

Obama 68%

Romney 32%


Lenihan (Nov. 2)

Obama 86%

Romney 14%


Miller (Nov. 5)

Obama 80%

Romney 20%


MLA (Oct. 23)

Obama 89%

Romney 11%



Photos from elections across the district: