Marshalltown students earn meritorious awards at Project Share

Several Marshalltown students earned meritorious awards at Project Share, the annual student project showcase held May 9-10 at Marshalltown Community College.

Project Share included students from all Marshalltown elementary schools and Lenihan Intermediate School, as well as MACS, BCLUW, Dike-New Hartford, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, East Marshall, West Marshall, Eldora-New Providence, South Hardin, Green Mountain-Garwin, Madrid and South Tama school districts.

Each day students were  treated to a performance workshop called “Shakespeare’s Sister” led by Marta Barnard of Willow River Arts. Barnard played Joan Shakespeare, the famous playwright’s sister, and led the students in performances from several of Shakespeare’s plays.

Project Share provides a fun venue for area students who are involved in their school districts’ enrichment programs. During this event these high-ability students showcase their independent study projects and have the opportunity to share their expertise with a supportive audience.

Marshalltown students receiving meritorious awards were:

Kaden Allison, Franklin, Elementary
Project: “Technology-It’s Easy to Understand”

Mary Kate Gruening, Hoglan Elementary
Project: “Mary Kate and Chemistry”

Stephanie Zavalza Flores, Eli Theissen, Abbey Welden, Woodbury Elementary
Project: “Service Learning: School-wide Recycling: SEA the Difference!”

Jordan Anderson, Bennett Hageman, Lucas Kramer, and Trevor Ketcham, Lenihan Intermediate
Project: “Civil War: Confederate vs. Union”