Middle school hosts annual Miller March Madness

IMG_6387Miller Middle School hosted its annual Miller March Madness Thursday, March 20, with  teams competing in a basketball hot shot competition.

Miller staff members helped run the shoot-out, which included the basketball contest but also concessions and a number of door prizes and other give-away items.

2014 Miller March Madness Results:


First – Luke Appel and Josh Melde 84 pts
Second – Connor Beaty and Luke Appel 66 pts
Third – Kody Ricken and Logan Mann 54 pts


First – Austin and Zach Kluver 90 pts
Second – Connor and Brent Johnson 46 pts
Third – Ryan and Matt Bohan 40 pts


First – Joe and Ryan Collins 64 pts
Second – Jerry and Dru Dobbins 61 pts
Third – Dave and Josh Melde 46 pts


First – Mark and Naomi Boland 22 pts
Second – Chad and Olivia Spear 20 pts
Third – Matt and Brooke Tullis 14 pts


First – Shelly and Jacob Smith 35 pts
Second – Stacy and Bennett O’Hare 30 pts
Third – Anne and Nate Vance 28 pts


First – Karen and Naomi Boland 25 pts
Second – Esmeralda and Vanessa Armas 18 pts
Third – Chris and Brooke Tullis 4 pts