End-of-year assembly includes surprise proposal

Thursday was a day of celebration for Fisher Elementary. Students and staff gathered outside for an end-of-the-year assembly, handing out awards for attendance and positive behavior, marking the close of a successful school year. As the school celebrated the end, third grade teacher Courtney Lenz was about to celebrate the beginning of something new and exciting in her life.

She just didn’t know it yet.

Midway through the recognitions Principal Vicki Vopava told the assembled crowd she wanted to recognize a teacher. In fact, she told the unsuspecting audience, there was a community member who had something to say to Ms. Lenz. As Courtney approached the front of the crowd from one direction her boyfriend, Trent Albee, approached from the other. It quickly became clear to teachers and students alike what he was there to do:

IMG_7266He knelt. He asked. She said yes.

It was fitting that Trent and Courtney became engaged at Fisher Elementary: It’s where they met. At that time Julie Trickett and Susan Pollpeter saw the potential chemistry between the two and decided to play matchmaker. They approached Trent and told him to call Courtney and ask her out on a date.

Three years later, the couple started the next phase of their life at the same place where the very idea of a life together began.