Lenihan students pack care packages for troops

The Lenihan Intermediate School student leadership group known as Ricochet spearheaded a successful drive to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan.

The group packed supplies this week they gathered from fellow students and staff at Lenihan last month.

They plan to send 30 boxes to the same unit which features Marshalltown graduate Zack McLain, the brother of Lenihan sixth grader Max McLain.

The drive is called “Love our Troops” and the group hopes the care packages arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

They feature sports equipment, food, sports drinks, magazines, CDs and more.

“It really taught them patriotism and opened their eyes to learn more about those serving overseas,” said Lenihan teacher Angie Lovell.

Helping the students pack on Thursday after school was Jody Anderson of Anderson Funeral Homes, who is a veteran. He offered to pay for the shipping costs of all of the boxes.

“It’s important to support those overseas,” Anderson said.

The Lenihan students enjoyed packing the boxes and hope the troops overseas enjoy the boxes even more.

“We thought this would make them feel better,” said Lenihan sixth grader Eli Thiessen. “It makes me feel like I’m helping people and that’s always good.”

Lenihan 1

Lenihan Intermediate School students pack care packages for troops on Jan. 8.

Lenihan 2

The Lenihan students also sent thank you cards to the troops.

Lenihan 3

Jody Anderson, left, helps Max McLain pack care packages for troops.