ACT scores show increase at Marshalltown High School

Marshalltown High School ACT scores from 2015 have been released.
The scores indicate MHS students had an average composite score of 22.1, up from the previous year average composite score of 21.3. The state average composite score for 2015 was 22.2.

Test scores saw the biggest jump in the area of science as the average science score among the 102 MHS students taking the test was 23.2, which is up from 21.8 the previous year.

Marshalltown scores also saw gains in English, mathematics and reading portions of the test from the previous year.

The ACT measures college readiness among high school students. Marshalltown Community School District students took this test this past April or June and most who took the test were in the junior class last school year.

                           MCSD   State
English               20.9       21.6
Mathematics      21.9       21.5
Reading               21.8      22.7
Science                23.2      22.3
Composite       22.1     22.2

                           MCSD   State
English                  20.3     21.5
Mathematics        20.9     21.4
Reading                 21.6     22.5
Science                  21.8     22.2
Composite        21.3     22.0