Woodbury students learn about hoop dancing


Mary Boyvey brought her Sparkle Hoop Dance program to physical education classes at Woobury Elementary School this month.

Hula hoops were whirling around the Woodbury Elementary School gym on Sept. 24 as part of a visit by a special guest.

Mary Boyvey brought her Sparkle Hoop Dance exercise  to the school. She is making several visits to Woodbury this month.

Boyvey, of Woodward, Iowa, said her main message to the students is the importance of having fun while being active.

Woodbury physical education teacher Todd Beare met Boyvey at a recent community event and invited her to present to his students.

Hoops2Mary, along with her husband Gordon Boyvey, present throughout the state at community festivals and other gatherings of young people.

Their appearances at Woodbury are funded by the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant.