Blank medical professional answers questions at Woodbury


Kathy O’Connor, child life specialist at Blank Children’s Hospital, spoke to students about leukemia at Woodbury Elementary School on Dec. 18.

Students at Woodbury Elementary School received a visit from Kathy O’Connor of Blank Children’s Hospital on Dec. 18.

O’Connor was asked to visit a preschool class and second grade class to talk about leukemia, which has stricken a preschool student at Woodbury. O’Connor, a child life specialist, was invited by Elly Mack, Woodbury nurse.

O’Connor told the students that leukemia and other types of cancer are nobody’s fault and that they can’t catch cancer from somebody else.
She also said that the student with cancer would like to be treated just like everyone else.

O’Connor answered dozens of other questions about cancer from the students.