Lenihan leadership group cleans up community


Students in the Lenihan Intermediate School student leadership group Ricochet show how enjoyable cleaning up the community can be. Students helped clean up the Lenihan school grounds, Mega-10 Park, the skate park and other areas on April 21.

Who knew helping clean up the community could be so much fun?

Lenihan Intermediate School students in the leadership group Ricochet participated in a clean up effort after school on April 21. Two groups totaling 38 students cleaned up areas around the Lenihan school grounds, Mega-10 Park, the skate park and other areas surrounding the park.

“We owe a huge thank you to (parent) Chris Dawson for helping haul our equipment to the park for us and then he helped us take care of the trash we picked up,” said Lenihan teacher Diane Simpson. “We were able to finish up our school campus and the park areas right before the lightning and downpour started, so I think it was a big success. Students were all smiles and proud of their work.”

This event was part of a statewide program known as Project Jack, an effort which Lenihan received a $250 grant from the Iowa Association of Realtors.

“This is a pay it forward project done in remembrance of Jack Lindaman,” Simpson said. “Jack was a 6-year-old Iowa boy who passed away in February 2010 from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).”

Simpson also was part of the effort with other Lenihan staff Angie Lovell and Raul Arevalo.