Teachers recognized for CIM implementation and study

CLM staff.jpg

Twelve teachers from the Marshalltown Community School District were recently recognized for their ongoing study and implementation of a Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM), said Penny Duer, District At-Risk Coordinator and Literacy Coach.

Over the last three to five years, these 12 teachers have each invested between 150-300 hours of time learning a portfolio of interventions that accelerate students’ learning in reading and writing.

“Their commitment is to be commended,” said Duer.

Pictured are front row, from left, Cheri Bolar, Susan O’Neill, Susan Pollpeter, LuAnn Lura and Chris Lester Tullis. Back row, Lonni Waltermire, Leiah Craun, Kelli Hamblin, Melissa Ulch, Kami Uhde, Karen Roessler and Jasmine Hazen.