“Footloose, the Musical” a success at MHS


Lead characters Nick Cooper as Ren McCormack and Bell Russell as Ariel Moore are pictured in the center of the cast during a dance scene in the Marshalltown High School fall production “Footloose, the Musical.” The show was held November 11 and 12 at the MHS/Community Auditorium.

The Marshalltown High School fall production “Footloose, the Musical” entertained two big crowds for two nights in the MHS/Community Auditorium.

The shows were on November 11 and 12 and led by director Heather Lee, vocal director Amy Ose and pit orchestra director Brett Umthun.

“Footloose was a great success,” Lee said. “The students all did a terrific job and Mr. Umthun, Mrs. Ose and myself could not be prouder.”

Lee appreciated the support from the community for the show.

“The audiences each night were very responsive throughout and highly complimentary after the shows,” Lee said. “Thank you to everyone for their support.”















“Footloose, the Musical” Cast
Nick Cooper – Ren McCormack
Isabella Pedersen – Ethel McCormack
Lucas Thiessen – Rev. Shaw Moore
Eva Hernandez – Vi Moore
Bell Russell – Ariel Moore
Olivia Stone – Lulu Warnicker
Eli Thiessen – Wes Warnicker
Angel Ramirez – Coach Roger Dunbar, Jeter, & Chicago Friend 1
Kassie Wilkins – Eleanor Dunbar
Hannah Shirar – Rusty
Carissa King – Urleen
Hadley Wagner – Wendy Jo
Drake Zeuthen – Chuck Cranston
Frank Iole – Travis, Bickle, & Chicago Friend 3
Mackenzie Moyer – A Cop & Adult
Jordan Blue – Betty Blast
Luke Pedersen – Willard Hewitt
Matt Waldon – Principal Harry Clark & Chicago Friend 2
Taylor Naughton – Cowgirl
Angel Ramirez – Cowboy Bob
Jordan Blue & Frank Iole – Cowboy Bob’s Backup Singers

Ensemble Members
Molly Bach, Immaculate Edwin, Nyadoar Gatwech, Amanda Hoffman, Ashley Macbeth, Abby Murty, Reena Pearson

Production Crew
Director – Heather Lee
Vocal Director – Amy Ose
Choreographer – Amanda Loomis
Stage Manager – Trey Quick
Set Design – Heather Lee, Rachael Lee, Mickey McDonald, Alan Paxson
Light Board – Anna Marie Carlson
Sound Board – Madeline Jelken
Auditorium Mgr – Alan Paxson,
Poster/Program/T-Shirt Design – Kyi Tun
Head Makeup – Rachael Lee

Stage/Tech Crew
Brianna Dean, Payton Eigenberger, Nyapukah Gatwech, Liberty Grife, Jocelyn Guzman, Yatnia Hernandez, Eve Nettesheim, Alexis Ortiz, Valerie Ramirez, Jaiman Rivera, Molly Sickles, Sarah Trowbridge, Emily Waldon

Pit Orchestra
Director – Brett Umthun
Annie Grieshop, Amy Ose, Mary Sutton, Skylar Lindeman,
Ben Harris, Victoria Johnson, Quinton Rice, Alex Weidenaar, David Barlow, Josh Arment