Lenihan holds mock presidential election


Lenihan Intermediate School student Dale Greene delivers his completed ballot to the ballot box during the mock presidential election held at the school on October 31.

Young voters took to the polls at Lenihan Intermediate School in a mock presidential election held on October 31.

Students in the sixth grade class taught by Leah Mattox organized the election, with some of the actual voting equipment on loan from the Marshall County Auditor’s Office.

The equipment included a voting booth, ballot box and stickers. The ballots were made by the school and consisted of just the presidential election. The results indicated Hillary Clinton topped Donald Trump by a count of 582 to 100.

Lenihan Principal Kyle Young said there was a buzz going around the school for the mock election.

“The students are very excited about it,” Young said.

As the fifth and sixth grade students voted in the mock election, Mattox reminded them of the importance of voting for real when they get old enough.

“We hope that you vote when you turn 18,” Mattox told the students. “This is just practice.”


Lenihan sixth grader Meah Yoemans handed out stickers to those students who voted.