Main Street tour provides research for Lenihan student project


Lenihan Intermediate School Extended Learning Program students took a tour of Main Street to do research for a project. Pictured at left is teacher Vanessa Engel and at center back is volunteer Tyson Finders.

Extended Learning Program students at Lenihan Intermediate School took a tour of Main Street in Marshalltown as research for a school project on November 10.

The group visited with business owners and others as they begin a project in which they will own their own mock business.

The group met with Barb Hagstrand of the Kibbey Building, Mark Mathes and Jeff Mitchell involved in the garden project on Main Street, Nancy Urbanowski of 212 East Main Street, Scott Carnahan of the Woodbury Building and Kim and Jerry Gratopp of Smokin’ G’s BBQ.

Leading the group were Lenihan Extended Learning Program teacher Vanessa Engel and volunteer Tyson Finders.

The students will create their own business with an imaginary budget of $5,000.