Students recite poetry at Woodbury event


Woodbury Elementary School second graders recite poetry in Spanish and English during the Hot Chocolate Poetry Hour held at the school on January 30.

Dual language program in action

Woodbury Elementary School hosted its annual Hot Chocolate Poetry Hour on January 30.

Second graders recited poems in English and Spanish as hot chocolate was served to guests in the Woodbury gym.

Woodbury teacher Becky Jacobson said there was a great turnout for the event and the students rose to the occasion.

“As teachers, we couldn’t be more proud of these kids,” Jacobson said.
“They gladly followed along through each step of the poetry genre and grew to learn the various poetry elements in both English and Spanish. Then, they became more comfortable with reading numerous poems in both languages, forming an opinion about each one and choosing one to share in front of a large audience.”

As an added bonus this year, Becky’s daughter and Marshalltown High School student Olivia Jacobson, a former student in the Woodbury dual language program, read a poem in Spanish to the group.


Olivia Jacobson reads to the group.