Lenihan students awarded by American Legion for patriotic flag essays


Two Lenihan Intermediate School fifth graders received awards for their flag essays from the American Legion. Pictured from left is Desy Sung (first place) and Rogelio Ceren (second place) and local American Legion Post 46 Commander Randy Kessler.

Two Lenihan Intermediate School fifth graders were recognized for their essays with the theme “What the Flag Means to Me” by the American Legion on February 2.

Taking first place was Desy Sung, who received a $50 prize and taking second place was Rogelio Ceren, who received a $25 prize. Both students also received American flags.

“These students worked very hard during their writer’s workshop group and really put a lot of thought into these essays,” said Lenihan Extended Learning teacher Vanessa Engel. “The students read their essays to a room full of veterans and received ample applause.  I am exceedingly proud of the both of them.”

Below are the winning essays:

Flag Of The U.S.

By Desy Sung

To me the American Flag is an exquisite piece to our country!  The flag describes our freedom and our independence from the British.  Some people don’t really care about the flag but it describes America and how hard we fought for our rights!  When I look at the American flag I think about all the soldiers who fought for us in the wars for our independence, they put their life on the line for us, to make America a superior country!  Whenever I look at the flag I’m just so grateful to be in a wonderful country that I can get good education, unlike my parents.  My mom went to school until 4th grade and my dad went until 8th grade because we were very poor.  I am just so grateful to be in an amazing country with freedom and really good education that can lead me to a really good jobs and opportunities.  The flag really means to me good education that I can get without paying money, where I come from which is Myanmar  you had to pay money to go to school and it cost a lot!   To this day I just think what could’ve happened if my family and I didn’t come to the U.S.  I wouldn’t have the education that I get now which is really good! My family and I came here for jobs too, America is just a great place for opportunities which the flag really describes.  My mom and dad really wanted me to have an incredible life filled with opportunities for the future so I am genuinely overjoyed by that! That is what the Flag means to me! Our great American Flag!

What The American Flag Means To Me

By Rogelio Ceren

To me, the flag means freedom and the soldiers that fought for the country so we can be safe. When I see the flag I think of all things that our country has been through.I think people that live in America are lucky to have good education. We are lucky to have good jobs and good government. I think the flag means all those things. America had it’s ups and downs but we still show all the countries how great we can be. If we didn’t get our independence from the British we would not be an independent country. The american flag is very important to America because if we did not have it what would we would we pledge to and look up to. There would not be a national anthem before games or special events. When I see the flag every morning for the pledge I think of all toughness we have and integrity. It is very important to respect the people that served our country. When you see the flag for the pledge you just put your hand in your heart and say words. I do that sometimes but when I was writing this I really thought about my opinion on it. I hope when you start reading this you will see what Your opinion is on the American Flag.