Miller students visit Iowa State Capitol


These Miller Middle School students visited the Iowa State Capitol on March 16. Pictured, from left, are Emily Manis, Klaudia Hernandez, Mary Kate Gruening, Abbey Welden, Megan Sills and Avery Case.

Six Miller Middle School Extended Learning Program students visited the Iowa State Capitol on March 16. The students are part of a current events discussion group that meets bi-monthly before school.

Ann Jackson, XLP teacher, describes the group’s activities, “In the fall, students discussed the political campaigns, and had guest speakers from both the Marshall County Republican and Democratic parties.  Now that the election is over and power has been transferred, it’s the perfect continuation of learning for the students to visit our elected officials and share their thoughts on proposed legislation.”



Students meet with Representative Mark Smith

Students met with Representative Mark Smith and Senator Jeff Edler and offered their opinions on legislative proposals.  

“Prior to our trip, each student researched a bill and then wrote a short summary of why they support or oppose the bill.  During our trip, they presented this summary to the legislators,” said Jackson.  “Legislation that the students chose ranged from gun rights legislation to a proposal to make the honey bee the state insect.”  

Other highlights of the day included seeing Iowa’s Constitution, meeting with House of Representatives intern and Marshalltown High School graduate, Isaac Medina, and getting an exclusive tour that included the veranda on the exterior of the capitol’s dome.




Students met with Senator Jeff Edler.