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Lenihan students display creativity as part of short story project


Lenihan Intermediate School sixth grade student Kenzie Madkin displays her short story and cover art as part of a publishing party held at the school on May 25.

Lenihan Intermediate School sixth grade students were able to display their creativity in both their writing and illustrating as part of a recent project in the Mathias Clement Cove neighborhood of the school.

After reading science fiction work, students were assigned to write a short story in the science fiction genre and illustrate what would be the proposed cover of the book.

Student Kenzie Madkin was interested in cloning so her story dealt with a girl who wanted to clone herself so she could live forever.

“I like that you get to use your own creativity to tell a story,” Madkin said.

To celebrate the completion of the books, the classes hosted a publishing party on May 25, where students read each other’s work and enjoyed popcorn.

Students who took part in this project were in the classes taught by Angie Lovell, Leah Mattox and Jen O’Neal at Lenihan.