Project Based Learning class at Miller gives back to community


Three Miller Middle School students are pictured delivering a toy truck they built to the McFarland Clinic Pediatrics Unit. Pictured with McFarland staff are Miller students front row, Nolan Bartlett and back row, Miguel Ibarra Campos and Xander Pickett.

Students from Mrs. Rebecca Callahan’s Project Based Learning class at Miller Middle School donated the projects they built to the Marshalltown Public Library and McFarland Clinic on June 2.

“It has been a very interesting class to teach and very busy,” said Callahan. “There were days when five groups of students were working on their different projects.”

One group designed and built a truck that was donated to the McFarland Clinic Pediatric Unit.

While another group researched why employees need breaks, what types of break rooms are beneficial and then put their ideas to work creating a blueprint of a room into a staff break room.

Another group designed and built a mini skateboard park that was donated to the Marshalltown Public Library. While another student researched energy use, surveyed the staff, calculated the cost of wasted electricity in the building, and finally presented her ideas of how to save electricity.

Finally, another group researched the advantages and disadvantages to alternative classroom seating. They put together a slideshow of their findings and built a standing student desk.
“It has been a very rewarding experience teaching this class, watching the students conduct their own research and learn different skills.” Callahan said. “ I’m glad students have the opportunity to experience this at Miller Middle School.”


Pictured are Miller Middle School students Andrew Kodis and Kenny Carillo Vazquez with youth services librarian Joa LaVille and the Marshalltown Public Library. The students built a mini skateboard park and donated it to the library for display.