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Engineering a career in photography


Pictured is Payton Ruddock, a 2005 Marshalltown High School graduate who runs his own photography company known as Ruddock Visuals.

MHS graduate runs Ruddock Visuals in Texas

An engineer by trade, Payton Ruddock decided his future would come into focus in the field of photography.

The 2005 Marshalltown High School graduate is making a name for himself in sports photography as a commercial and advertising photographer, based in the Houston, Texas area. His company is known as Ruddock Visuals.

After his time at MHS, he attended Texas A&M with a focus on biomedical engineering, but fostered a love of photography. This eventually led to a full-time career in photography after several years in the engineering field.

“I think what I enjoy the most is the storytelling part of it,” Ruddock said of photography.

His engineering background helps him in photography as he works the technical aspects of his photo shoots and combines it with his creativity.

“I love creating a finished photo and getting to see people react to it and tell me what they see or how it makes them feel,” he said. “It’s awesome to show somebody a finished portrait of themselves or to work with a brand and help a vision they have for their product come to life in a way that they may or may not have even thought about beforehand.”

Ironman athletes and sports apparel companies are among his regular clients.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top athletes in the sport of Ironman as well as some major brands like Lululemon, Adidas and Skechers,” he said.

Time at MHS
His said he has great memories of being a Bobcat at MHS. Among the fond memories include his time as a swimmer under coach Mike Loupee.

“The highlight would have to be taking third place at state my junior year or being present and cheering Matt Dahlke on to win his state title our senior year,” Ruddock said. “Both experiences were unbelievable to be a part of.”

Payton’s parents, Gina and Tom, still live in Marshalltown.

Loupee said Ruddock was dedicated to any task he was given and was a leader in and out of the pool.

“He was always well prepared and enjoyed challenges,” Loupee said. “In my opinion, he is an excellent example of what we hope to build in young people at MHS.”

Heroes on White
As part of a personal photography project, Ruddock has started what he calls “Heroes on White,” which are black and white portraits to celebrate the everyday heroes making a difference in the world. As part of the project, he has plans to profile several Marshalltown residents including a few MHS teachers.

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Photo by Payton Ruddock


Photo by Payton Ruddock

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