Rogers students learn about earning money, spending as part of project


Rogers Elementary School students are pictured with teacher Anna Wolvers. The students are participating in a project where they learn to earn and spend fake money. Students, from left, include, Shar Dah Htoo, Theilan Sizemore, Dominic Edwards, Troy Corwin and Wyatt Hood.

The money may be fake, but the life lessons are real for a group of Rogers Elementary School students, taught by their literacy and math teacher Anna Wolvers.

The students earn the money for being responsible, respectful, cooperative and reaching their learning goal areas.

Then at the end of the week, they pay “rent” for class tables and supplies. Once a month they are able to buy real snacks, rent costumes to wear, or rent toys to play with while working. They also “donate” to a charity. This month, the students will be able to buy pumpkins to decorate.

“We are teaching them to spend, save and give,” Wolvers said. “This is teaching them life and employability skills.”