Personalized learning projects displayed at Miller Middle School



Sian Sian, left, and Vanessa Medel Chavarria are pictured at their water facts display during Miller Middle School’s Personalized Learning display night on April 23 at the school.

Miller Middle School hosted a display night for student projects as part of their Personalized Learning classes on April 23. Students shared a wide array of projects at the event.

“Our students were enthusiastic about sharing their projects,” said Sammi Jo Luse, instructional coach at Miller. “We had a wide variety of displays: financial projects, cookbooks, home decor, carnival games, science projects, cookies for St. Jude Hospital, a robotic arm, creative hats with a history, flooding/erosion study, water filtering, roller coaster/energy study and more. Students shared with those who came with confidence and Bobcat pride.”

To view a video from the night, click here.


Miller student Brayden Sinn displays the robotic arm he created from cardboard, tubing and plastic syringes.