Love of kids keeps retired principal active as a substitute teacher


Jeff Barry is a retired area school principal who serves as a substitute teacher in Marshalltown Schools.

Retired school administrator Jeff Barry can be seen throughout the year in Marshalltown Schools still active in what he loves – being around kids.

Barry is a substitute teacher in the district and has served at many different grade levels and school buildings in the past two years. He retired after 20 years as principal of West Marshall Middle School in 2017, but couldn’t stay away from the classroom.

“I just love kids, that’s why I went into this business,” Barry said.

Barry said he enjoys being around the students in the Marshalltown Community School District.

“They are friendly, they are trying hard and they are respectful,” Barry said.

He is equally appreciative of the teachers and other staff in Marshalltown Schools, who have helped him immensely as a substitute.

“The staff is awesome here,” Barry said. “They are friendly and very helpful. Everybody always says ‘thank you for being here.’”

Barry would encourage others thinking about becoming a substitute to give it a try.

“If you like kids and like being around people it’s a great part time job or as full time as you want it to be,” Barry said.

For more information on becoming a substitute teacher, call the Marshalltown Community School District Human Resources office at 641-754-1000.