MHS graduate encourages students to take advantage of the many opportunities


Dr. Cynthia Ragland, 1985 Marshalltown High School graduate



Story written by Samantha Edwards, volunteer writer
Cynthia Ragland is an optometrist with her own practice called C EYE CARE located on 13th Street in Marshalltown, and she is a fifth generation Marshalltown resident. Dr. Ragland explains the many services her company provides: “We see patients for comprehensive eye care, treatment of eye diseases and ocular urgent care; we prescribe glasses and fit contact lenses; and we do everything we can to provide and preserve the best eyesight for our patients.”

Cynthia has thought about many possible job occupations throughout the years, starting with the idea of becoming a nurse. Then, when she started at Iowa State University, she selected the major of journalism with a minor in food science. After working in a PR firm for five years in Chicago, she decided to switch her career choice yet again. She completed her degree at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn. After that, she returned to Marshalltown and started practicing.

Marshalltown High School helped her achieve her success as a professional in various industries by the professionals that taught her. “I think one of the things that I learned, and that was really special at Marshalltown High School was the fact that there were always such good teachers there, and they also seemed to care about their students. So, they gave that appreciation for living in a small town, and having those connections…”

Teachers have become patients, she said, “and it’s really fun to see them because I still think of them as certainly people I look up to, and it’s just fun to see them in town, and it’s amazing to see how fast the years have gone by.”

“There are even more opportunities at the high school now than ever,” Ragland said. “So, take advantage of all those offerings that are there, whether you’re interested in becoming a mechanic or an optometrist someday, it seems like the high school has really good offerings for kids; so not to shy away from something that you think may be too hard or if it’s just something you have an interest in and want to explore. It’s a great place to be able to try it, and see what you think.”


Volunteer writer Samantha Edwards is a 
2006 graduate of Marshalltown High School.