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MHS holds district speech, qualifies several students for state

Marshalltown High School held its district speech contest at its own facility on January 24, after weather forced the cancellation of two previously scheduled contests with other schools. The MHS students were awarded after live performances in front of a guest judge, with many qualifying for the state speech contest, which will be held February 2 at Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School.  The team is coached by Jocelyn Frohwein and Grant Gale, with Evan Roberts serving as manager and Phoebe Osgood as captain.

Earning a Division I rating and qualifying for State Competition:

Ensemble Acting
Unbreakable Friendship
Consisting of: Hay Htu, Hay Oo, Mung Piang, Nasteho Mohammed

Group Mime
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Consisting of: Phoebe Osgood and Stella Roseburrough-Borras

Musical Theater
You’re the Top from Anything Goes
Consisting of Carissa King and Eli Thiessen

Group Improv
Consisting of Martha Diaz, Trinity Snow Snyder, and Jesse DeMeyer

Short Film
Words Hurt
Consisting of Fynn Piepenschneider, Casey Carl, Griffin Gorsuch, Matthew Waldon, and Phoebe Osgood

In Memory of My Great Great Grandmother
Consisting of Ellie Draisey

Earning a Division II rating:

TV News
IDKNEWS with Owen Chaloupek, Fynn Piepenschneider, Isaac Deal, Sebastian Garcia, Jesus Silva, Sean Nyuon, Casey Carl, Rojin Kahraman, Griffin Gorsuch, and Matthew Waldon

Group Improv
Jacobsen Group: Dylan Jacobsen, Sam Wilder, Sadie Vergauwen, Freddy Ross III, and
Esperanza Reyes

RAJA Group: Rojin Kahraman, Ana Nolasco, Ana Kuzina, Anan Shen, and Ashlyn Ruiz

Group Mime
Silent Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Dollies Bite: Martha Diaz, Trinity Snow Snyder, and Jesse DeMeyer

Earning a Division III rating:

Short Film with Sam Wilder, Dylan Jacobsen, Gok Arou, Oscar Zazueta, Freddy Ross III, Ana Nolasco, and Tristen Osburn