Engineering career evolves for MHS graduate


Matthew Milot works as a process engineer for Intel Corporation in Arizona. He is a 2014 Marshalltown High School graduate and went on to get a degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State University.

Milot works at Intel Corporation in Arizona

Like many high school seniors, Matthew Milot wasn’t sure about his future. That was in 2014 in his final year at Marshalltown High School.

Fast forward five years later to 2019 and he is now a process engineer for Intel Corporation in Chandler, Arizona.

After some uncertainty about the direction he wanted to take, the 2014 MHS graduate went on to study chemical engineering at Iowa State University.

“My situation was common among high school seniors,” Milot said. “I didn’t know what I was going to do after graduation, and I didn’t have a plan. I certainly didn’t think I had the ability to succeed in something as vague and scary as engineering.”

He eventually chose to study engineering as a way to pay back college debt upon graduation, and found a strong interest in the field.

“Toward the end of my studies, I requested for a position as an undergraduate researcher

from one of my professors,” Milot said. “After he agreed, I went on to carry out research regarding semiconducting materials for about a year. This was a tremendous learning experience, and it was ultimately what led me to apply for a position at Intel. Somewhere along the way, I came to really love and appreciate physics and mathematics.”

Time in Marshalltown Schools
From a young age Milot was enrolled in the dual language program in Marshalltown Schools, which features instruction in Spanish and English languages.

“The dual language program prepared me by helping me think from different perspectives,” Milot said.

He has fond memories of participating in soccer and the art club at MHS and was inspired by teachers who helped him grow along the way.

“Marshalltown Schools exposed me to a variety of things,” Milot said. “The schools exposed me to sports, art, literature, science and math. I believe my fear of subjects like math began disappearing with that exposure. I chose chemical engineering specifically because I remembered how I enjoyed taking chemistry at MHS.”

MHS chemistry teachers Stephen Frese and Mike Loupee saw potential in Matthew in high school.

“Matthew was a very gifted student with a strong work ethic,” Frese said. “I am encouraged and proud of him for attaining a degree in – and seeking a career related to – chemistry.”

Loupee said Matthew was hard-working and had a natural gift for chemistry.

“I am proud he is using his gifts in a challenging, rewarding career path,” Loupee said. “I am confident he will continue to be highly successful.”