MHS to present “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” on March 29 and 30


A few of the cast members of “Sherlock Holmes” from Marshalltown High School are pictured during a rehearsal. The play features four mini plays in one. From left is Jesse DeMeyer as Dr. Watson, Matthew Waldon as Sherlock Holmes and Alex Stansberry as Breckinridge.

Performance features four plays in one

The Marshalltown High School drama department will present the spring play “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” on Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30, both at 7 p.m., at the MHS/Community Auditorium.

The play features four separate plays adapted by Jon Jory, according to director Grant Gale. Sherlock Holmes is the private detective character from the mind of British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Sherlock is a very popular character that everyone has seen or heard of in one fashion or another,” Gale said. “The audience will see four of the classic stories adapted by the playwright. We are running each story as its own mini play with a different Sherlock and Watson for each.”

There are also student directors for each of the plays who are supervised by Gale. Gale said many of the students in the production are involved in multiple activities at MHS, but were able to devote time to this project as well.

“I couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work they put in,” Gale said.

Admission at the door is $5 for adults and $3 for students kindergarten through 8th grade, with activity tickets honored.


Many of the cast and crew members are pictured.


Cast of 4 different mini plays

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
Student Director – Fynn Piepenschneider
Sherlock Holmes – Matthew Waldon
Understudy -Tristen Osburn
Dr. Watson – Jesse DeMeyer
Mrs. Peterson – Mackenzie Peter
Mrs. Baker – Emily Waldon
Landlady – Reena Peterson
Breckinridge – Alex Stansberry
Little Man – Amber Lawthers
Pub Extras – Griffin Gorsuch, & Lexi Perez

The Five Orange Pips
Student Director – Phoebe Osgood
Sherlock Holmes – Olivia Jacobson
Dr. Watson – Trace Markle
John – Sam Wilder
Understudy -Fynn Piepenschneider

The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot
Student Director – Olivia Adams-Zmolek
Sherlock Holmes – Phoebe Osgood
Dr. Watson – Ashlyn Ruiz
Understudy – Fynn Piepenschneider
Mrs. Hudson –  Abby Murty
Vicar –  Andrew Corral
Margret – Amanda Hoffman
Dr. Sterndale – Lexi Perez
Telegram – Trinity Snow Snyder

The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
Student Director – Abby Murty
Sherlock Holmes – Mackenzie Moyer
Dr. Watson – Olivia Adams-Zmolek
Understudy – Phoebe Osgood
Violet – Ana Nolasco
Miss Stoper – Amanda Hoffman
Mr. Rucastle –  Trace Markle
Mrs. Rucastle – Rojin Kahraman
Toller – Sam Wilder
Mrs. Toller – Emily Waldon
Miss Hudson – Abby Murty

Production Crew
Director  – Grant Gale
Assistant to the Director – Jocelyn Frohwein
Set Design – Grant Gale
Master Carpenters – Jesus Silva & Dylan Jacobsen
Set Construction – Grant Gale, Zyrus Whitehead, Nyapukah Gatwech, & Drama 2 Crew
Set Painting – Grant Gale,  Brandon, Jocelyn and Luke Frohwein, & Students
Props and Set Dressing  – Grant Gale, Jocelyn Frohwein,
Drama 2 Crew, & Fashion Strategies Students
Light Design  – Zyrus Whitehead
Light Board Operator – Eli Draisey
Light Hang Crew  – Griffin Gorsuch
Projections Operator  – Rylena Hornberg
Sound Board Operator  – Dylan Jacobsen
Costume Design  – Jocelyn Frohwein
Costumers  – Alex Stansberry, Drama 2 Crew
Hair & Makeup  – Jocelyn Frohwein,  Drama 2 Crew
Stage Hands  – Nyapukah Gatwech, Griffin Gorsuch
Auditorium Manager  – Alan Paxson
Poster/Program/T-shirt Design – Jocelyn Frohwein & Grant Gale