From junker to comfort


These Marshalltown High School students in a construction tech class turned the back end of a junk car into a couch as part of a class project. Students pictured from left are, Efrain Ramos, Derrick Garth, Gustaw Chechelski, Myles Miller, Au’Ron Greenwood, Hector Yanez, Shane Holmes and Javon Lewis.

MHS construction class turns old car into a couch

Marshalltown High School construction tech teacher Larry Kadner saved a 1999 Monte Carlo from the crusher at a junkyard earlier this year. What his students were able to make out of the back end of the car is nothing short of amazing.

Over the span of the past month, the class turned the back end of the car into a comfortable couch.

“It looks great,” said MHS student Shane Holmes, who was part of the project. “It looks like a piece of art.”

The students added plywood and Kadner was able to acquire the seats used on the couch from an old Chrysler. He said the students enjoyed the project.

“I wanted to show them what they could do with a piece of junk,” said Kadner, who is retiring at the end of this school year.

Kadner said they have one more part of the project to work on before it’s complete as they plan to add some electrical wiring to get the taillights to light up.