MHS to present the fall musical Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” on November 2 & 3


The cast is pictured for the MHS fall musical “The Little Mermaid” which is at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 2 and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 3.

Marshalltown High School will present the fall musical Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 2 and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 3 in the MHS/Community Auditorium.

The musical is based on the movie which centers around Ariel, a mermaid who falls in love with a human. She rebels against her father and seeks comfort and support from her underwater friends.

Olivia Adams-Zmolek plays the lead role of Ariel in the musical. She said guests can expect bright, colorful costumes, big music and just “a real treat” of a show.

“I’ve wanted to be Ariel since I was 4 watching the movie,” she said.

The musical is led by drama director Peter Grady, musical director Amy Ose and pit orchestra director Brett Umthun.

Admission is at the door prior to the shows (no pre-sale tickets) and the cost is $5 per person. Activity passes will be honored.


Olivia Adams-Zmolek as Ariel and Eli Thiessen as Prince Eric


Pit Orchestra


Mersisters sing with Flounder – pictured from left Elizabeth Lang, Amanda Hoffman, Freddy Ross, Lydia Hayes, Averi Bolar and Alyson Christen.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Cast (in order of appearance)
Ariel – Olivia Adams-Zmolek
Pilot – Colin Jensen
Prince Eric – Eli Thiessen
Grimsby – Trace Markle
Sailors – Jack Elsberry, Taeviss Fite,
Dmitrii Kozlov, Garrett McKibbin
Flounder – Freddy Ross
Scuttle – Pietro Stocchi
King Triton – Aaron Seberger
Windward – Trixie Cantrell
Leeward – Taylor Hoffma
Sebastian – Jason Strand
Aquata (Mersister)-  Elizabeth Lang
Andrina (Mersister) – Averi Bolar
Arista (Mersister) – Ali Zamora
Atina (Mersister) – Lydia Hayes
Adella (Mersister) – Amanda Hoffman
Allana (Mersister) – Alyson Christen
Flotsam – Emily Waldon
Jetsam – Abby Murty
Ursula – Taylor Naughton
Gulls – Journee Blaylock, Sindy Guadiana,
Reena Pearson, Lori Rivas, Madi Swartz
Maids – Averi Bolar, Lydia Hayes, Amanda Hoffman,
Kynlie Ladehoff, Ali Zamora
Chef Louis – Jack Elsberry
Chefs – Taeviss Fite, Colin Jensen, Dmitrii Kozlov,
Mackenzie Peter, Jenna Van Law
Princesses – Jovana Cordova, Taylor Hoffman, Kynlie Ladehoff,
Kaylie Cox, Ellie Seberger, Madison Pickett
Sea Creatures – Journee Blaylock, Trixie Cantrell, Jovana Cordova,
Kaylie Cox, Taeviss Fite, Sindy Guadiana, Taylor Hoffman,
Colin Jensen, Dmitrii Kozlov, Kynlie Ladehoff,
Garrett McKibbin, Reena Pearson, Mackenzie Peter,
Madison Pickett, Lori Rivas, Ellie Seberger,
Madi Swartz, Jenna Van Law

Production Crew

Drama Director Peter Grady
Music Director Amy Ose
Choreography Amy Ose & Cast Members
Production Ass’t Chandler Fisher
Stage Manager Emily Diggins
Light Design & Operator Rylena Hornberg
Lighting Ass’t Avery Hill
Sound Board Operator David Hernandez
Set Design /Construction Peter Grady; Mr. Raul Arevalo and his students:
Ezra Adkins, Xavier Bernal, Isaac Correa,
Eric Ocequeda, Jr., and Armando Torres;
Fr. Bernie Grady, Fr. Dewayne Thoman,
State Representative Mark Smith, Dee Warden,
Cheri Bolar, Sally Wilson, Janey Swartz,
Averi Bolar, Anna Diiorio, Raul Ruso, Alan Paxson,
Ken Walton, Kris Naughton
Costumes Shannon Naughton, Taylor’s Grandma,
Kya Naughton, Blanca de Leon Saiz
Props Shannon Naughton, Taylor’s Grandma,
Ken Rasmusson, Cast Members
Auditorium Manager Al Paxson
Poster/Program/T-Shirt Design Jocelyn Frohwein
Loft Organization Ellie Draisey
Stage Crew Bree Doiron, Ellie Draisey, Khaidencey Garrett,
Raul Ruso, Blanca de Leon Saiz

Pit Orchestra
Conductor   Mr. Brett Umthun
Piano   Annie Grieshop
Reed 1 (Flute, Picc, Alto Flute) Carmen Araiza
Reed 2 (Oboe/English Horn)   Mr. Christian Loaiza
Reed 3 (Bb Clarinet)   Hector De La Cruz
(Bass Clarinet)   Rebakah Stone
(Sop & Alto Sax)   Emily Manis
Trumpet   Moses Albarran
French Horn   Heather Junk
Jordan May
Trombone   Evalitzy Rangel
Bass   Tristyn Oberender
Drums   Trey Gardner
Percussion   Quinton Lacey
Violin Josiah Troutner
Cello   Anthony Sotelo Sanchez
Jolcey Santana