Lenihan students get active with basketball

Lenihan BB 1 WEB

Basketball, like other team sports, is not only good for fitness but also teaches students about concepts like teamwork and strategy.

Shouts for passes, the squeaking of shoes on a hardwood floor and cheers after a score can often be heard floating from the Lenihan Intermediate School gym after classes are done for the day.

It is basketball season, and Lenihan fifth- and sixth graders are getting up and active on the court as part of the school’s intramural program.

“I like it a lot because it’s fun. I like sports a lot,” said sixth grader Angel Chavez Ordaz before joining his team for a game Tuesday afternoon. “I just like the feeling of being on an actual team.”

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to join Lenihan’s intramural program. Some students, like sixth grader Willow Anderson, said they plan to go on to play sports for the Bobcats as they enter the middle- and high school levels.

“I like playing sports,” Willow said, adding she will definitely keep playing basketball as she gets older.

The intramural program is designed to give students fun, engaging, athletic activities to enjoy after school. Students are able to learn sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and tennis, as well as about general fitness. Every quarter brings a new sport to learn and play.

For more information about Lenihan’s intramural program, click here.

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These students moved back and forth across the Lenihan gym in streaks of red and green. Here a student prepares to shoot the ball.