Marshalltown Learning Academy receives $10k STEM grant award


Two MLA students work at a mechanics education station purchased with a previous STEM BEST grant. The new grant is a separate award which will go toward a unit for electrical education

Marshalltown Learning Academy is one of a handful of schools across Iowa to be awarded a STEM BEST Program Enhancement Fund grant by the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. 

The school was awarded $10,000 for the current school year after submitting a grant application. The funding comes from the STEM BEST Program Enhancement Fund and does not require a match.

The school was awarded with a separate STEM BEST grant of $25,000 in 2017. 

“MLA is excited to provide additional relevant, technical training experiences to students with this grant funding. Helping all of our students be Bobcat Ready for the world beyond school remains our highest priority,” said MLA Principal Eric Goslinga. 

The funding will be used to continue providing work-based learning education at the school. Those efforts include local business-education partnerships, such as internship and apprenticeship opportunities. 

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