Students design, build tiny houses to learn about architecture

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Seventh grade science classmates Shyann Ashby, left, and Camille Ceren, right, work on their Defined STEM Tiny House Architecture project Tuesday. 

Miller Middle School seventh graders are working together to learn about architecture and design as part of the Defined STEM Tiny House Architects project.

“The goal of the project is to have kids try to create a tiny house that is environmentally conscious and eco-friendly,” said Miller seventh grade science teacher Jennifer Edel, one of the three seventh grade science teachers assigning the project to their students. Dalton Ernst’s and Dan Cibula’s students are also working on the projects. 

The diminutive houses, made mostly of construction paper and tape, sport miniature lofts, beds, chairs, doors, windows, roofs, stairs and even toilets.The projects are designed to teach students about all of the components that go into a living space, as well as creating a scaled floor plan and building the houses based on their floor plan.

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A look inside one of the seventh grade group’s tiny houses reveals the level of detail applied to their project.

“We have to create a house, build different rooms and use multi-use design elements,” said student Camille Ceren, who was excited about the project. 

She said the project has helped spark an interest in design and engineering. 

The students have been working on the projects – from planning to scaling to implementation – since mid-December. Many are close to completing their builds.