Woodbury Elementary staff create “Daily Woodbury Adventures” video series for students

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Woodbury Elementary Principal Anel Garza, left, and school counselor Heidi Williams, right, talk about self care in the first video in the “Daily Woodbury Adventures” series.

Marshalltown Schools students will be away from their schools for some time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that isn’t stopping teachers and staff from interacting with their pupils.

Woodbury Elementary School is making an extra effort to ensure students stay engaged during the district closure by releasing a series of 36 educational videos in the coming weeks.

“They’re a variety of activities; there are physical activities, there’s music, there’s art, there’s jokes, crafts, and cooking,” said Woodbury Principal Anel Garza. “Our staff always considered things that students would have at home to help with learning while making the videos.”

Garza credited Woodbury physical education teacher Sarah Murphy with the initial idea of making the videos, all of which feature staff discussing educational topics for the students’ benefit. Videos will be released in English and in Spanish.

It did not take long before the entire school building’s staff got involved with the project.

Staff across the district have worked hard this week to reach out to students’ parents and guardians to prepare for current next three-and-a-half weeks of scheduled closure. Several teachers from multiple buildings created educational packets and donated care items, like puzzles and games, to families.

Garza said one thing that excites her about the video series is that it is not limited to Woodbury students and can benefit students across the district.

Keep an eye on the Woodbury Elementary Facebook page (where two videos have already been posted) to catch the latest videos released by staff. Check out these resources for keeping students academically engaged during school closure.