Bobcat students welcomed back for the first day of school

Lenihan WEB
Lenihan students are welcomed to class Tuesday.

After several months of Return to Learn planning, implementation of safety measures  and staff training, Marshalltown Schools welcomed Bobcat students back to classes Tuesday. 

Whether students were learning in a school classroom or virtually from their living room, MCSD teachers, principals and staff were happy to interact with their pupils for the first time in a long while.  

Multiple safety measures were firmly in place by the time students arrived for classes Tuesday morning. Social distancing measures, hallway directional markers, a face covering requirement, readily-available hand sanitizer stations, and signage communicating health and safety expectations are all new, necessary additions this school year.

Beyond the changes to their physical surroundings, Bobcat students will also be supported by caring staff who have had extensive health and safety training – including coronavirus-specific training – thanks to the SafeSchools program brought to the District earlier this year. 

While this school year will present unique challenges for all public school students, families, and staff, Marshalltown Schools staff are committed to providing the safest, most enriching and engaging academic environment possible. 

See below for a look at the first day of school Tuesday. Let’s make it a great school year!