MCSD principals’ leadership, dedication celebrated during National Principals Month

Each of the 11 Marshalltown Community School District building principals is committed to ensuring the achievement and success of Bobcat students – we celebrate their incredible dedication and leadership this October during National Principals Month. 

The District’s school principals oversee student learning and safety at each of their buildings, keep in contact with parents and families, organize school events, share their insights as educational leaders, and so much more. They all continue to show great leadership through the turbulence caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Read on to meet each of our incredible school principals, each of whom shared what they love about their work: 

Anel Garza, Woodbury Elementary
“I enjoy interacting with parents, students, and staff in a collaborative way to do what is best for all our kiddos. The fun part is when you really get to know the parents and you get along with them like family. I love sharing that same great family feeling with our students and staff.”

Dave Glenn, Miller Middle School
“I most enjoy working with diverse groups of people. I work with teachers, students, support staff, district personnel, other principals and, of course, parents and guardians. Building meaningful relationships with all of these people in order to ultimately provide meaningful learning experiences for ALL students and increase achievement is a critical and most rewarding aspect of my day-to-day work.”

Eric Goslinga, Marshalltown Learning Academy principal 
“I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with talented teachers and great kids to help students reach their goals.”

Tim Holmgren, Franklin Elementary
“What I enjoy most about being a school principal is leading staff that all want the same for kids and families – success! Our team takes on challenges and advocates for kids, acting with students’ best interests in mind.”

Dr. Mick Jurgensen, Rogers Elementary 
“I enjoy the variety of celebration and challenge that comes with being a principal. The joy is all about the students and making a positive impact on their lives … Personally, my ultimate reward is seeing my former students in our community moving our community forward in various roles and hiring former students to serve here at Rogers as employees. The joys of teaching kids more and more of the skills and knowledge in this rapidly changing environment has come from the challenge to be on top of the wave so children would benefit most from their time in school.”

Kristyn Kell, Miller Middle School
“What I enjoy most is the people – I love working with kids and staff; it’s truly about the relationships that are formed. It’s about making a difference in our students’ lives and making decisions based on what is best for them. At the end of the day, if I helped a student or staff member I did a job well done.”

Mark Lee, Fisher Elementary
“What I enjoy most about being a principal is working with teams to find solutions to challenges. I enjoy working with teachers to seek out the best methods to help all students to grow.”

Ronnie Manis, Anson Elementary
“I most enjoy my interactions with students and staff. I enjoy popping into classrooms to just sit back and enjoy watching the learning that occurs every day.”

Amy Williams Hoglan Elementary
“The thing I enjoy most about being a principal is helping students, families, and teachers. I enjoy working on teams with other adults who are passionate about serving kids and are willing to learn. It is rewarding to work with students and to help them learn and grow socially, emotionally and academically.”

Jacque Wyant, Marshalltown High School 
“My greatest pleasure in my role as principal has been disruption innovation: helping school communities develop better environments for learning for both adults and students. In Sioux City and Marshalltown, I have facilitated the integration of 1-1 computers, launched Professional Learning Communities, developed smaller learning communities like Freshman House and PIER as well as implemented Mentors in Violence Prevention. I enjoy bringing out the leadership abilities of staff and students as they work together to improve the school environment.”

Kyle Young, Lenihan Intermediate School 
“I enjoy knowing that no day as a principal is ever the same. We have the opportunity to directly support so many people. It’s a challenge and an honor to be in this position.”

Thank you to each and every MCSD school principal! You play a crucial role in ensuring Bobcat students are prepared to pursue a meaningful, successful future.