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MHS senior Klaudia Hernandez selected to state Board of Education Equity Committee

Marshalltown High School senior Klaudia Hernandez will bring an important student voice to the state Board of Education’s (BOE) Equity Committee this school year.

Hernandez was one of only seven students statewide to be selected to serve on the BOE Equity Committee. She is also serving as one of three Marshalltown School Board school representatives this year.

“I felt really happy and excited,” Hernandez said about being selected to the Equity Committee. “I was proud of myself.” 

The BOE Equity Committee works to ensure equity is embedded in education statewide. Hernandez said she wants to use her voice on the committee to help fellow Iowans find success in education.

“I know that there are many issues facing Iowans right now and I wanted to try and help solve them,” Hernandez said, adding she looks forward to meeting with the committee and learning more about how she can support equity in education.

Congratulations Klaudia Hernandez! You will do a great job of representing your fellow Bobcats and students across Iowa.