MHS Astronomy class hosts viewing of space spectacle at Green Castle

Community members gather at Green Castle Recreation Area Monday evening to view The Great Conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

A rare astronomical event has been unfolding in the starry sky over Marshalltown this month, and the Marshalltown High School Astronomy class invited community members to view the spectacle through telescopes at Green Castle Recreation Area Monday evening.

The giant planets of Jupiter and Saturn have not aligned so closely in the Earth’s night sky for 800 years, and the community members who came to Green Castle on Monday saw the two planets at their maximum alignment. 

Jupiter and Saturn will continue to hold close together in the night sky this week – see the NASA webpage on The Great Conjunction to learn more about this spectacular event.

At left: MHS student Alessandra Biasolo – an exchange student from Italy – enjoys viewing the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn Monday. At right: A telescope points westward as the sun sets at Green Castle Recreation Area.