Anson students donate dozens of goodie bags

Anson students decorate and write positive messages on goodie bags, which were then filled with food and household supplies to be donated.

Anson Elementary fourth graders put together and donated 40 goodie bags for those in need this week, in partnership with the Salvation Army of Marshalltown. 

Fourth graders team up to stuff goodie bags.

The donations were made possible through a $250 Iowa Association of Realtors Project Jack grant. School counselor Ashley Chyma and fourth grade teacher Jocelyn Schmidt applied for the grant, and worked with students to decide how to use the funds.

After brainstorming, the students voted to purchase several food and household items to give to those in need through the Salvation Army. The items, which were stuffed into the student-decorated goodie bags, included bottled water, bandages, wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, granola bars, candy, and other food items.

In addition to the donated items, the bags include positive messages written by students. Also donated was a large box of toilet paper for the Salvation Army to use as needed.

Schmidt said her students enjoyed working together to do something positive and kind.

”It filled our students’ hearts with joy and taught them that being kind doesn’t take much effort at all,” Schmidt said. “Thank you to the Iowa Association of Realtors for granting us the funds to do this project!”