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Elementary XLP (K-4)

The role of the elementary Extended Learning teachers will be one of consultation and support for General Education teachers as well as serving students in grades K-4 whose needs may be beyond the scope of the general curriculum. They also work to screen potential students for inclusion in the talent pool for later identification in XLP.  

Grade Level Implementation 

  • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: Students could potentially receive some level of direct XLP services, if necessary. When a teacher has provided additional differentiation at his/her disposal and student needs are still not being met, that teacher submits data evidence and refers the student for further problem solving. Referral process can be started by teacher or parent. 

  • 3rd Grade: Students could potentially receive some level of direct XLP services, if necessary. At this grade level, XLP teachers will also screen students for possible services using District assessments and teacher rating scales. All 3rd grade students will be screened using the CogAT universal screener. Those students who score in the top range will receive an additional screening using the Kingore Observation Inventory. The referral process can be started by teacher or parent. At the end of 3rd grade, after screening measures are complete, the District Direct Service Committee will convene to review the Elementary Screening Data spreadsheet and identify students for formal XLP identification. Approximately 5% percent of students (district wide) will receive direct services with XLP teachers.

  • 4th Grade: Identified students will receive talent development, small group enrichment, and/or individual support in areas of interest/ability.


Nicole Holman Lankelma

Hoglan Elementary (K-4) – 641-754-1060

Anson Elementary (K-4)/Marshalltown Virtual Academy (K-4) – 641-754-1020

Woodbury Elementary (K-4) – 641-754-1080


Deb Christenson

Rogers Elementary (K-4) – 641-754-1070

Fisher Elementary (K-4) – 641-754-1030

Franklin Elementary (K-4) – 641-754-1041

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