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Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Enrichment Program in Marshalltown is a program of parent choice.  Our bilingual program gives students the opportunity to learn Spanish and English, while still receiving the same quality education as other students across the district.  It provides literacy and content instruction to English and Spanish speaking students through these two languages to equip learners to achieve grade-level academic standards, bilingualism, biliteracy, and multicultural competence.

Student goals:
  • Achieve grade level academic standards

  • Communicate in two languages appropriate for age level

    • comfortably in social situations 

    • effectively through reading and writing 

  • Develop high levels of proficiency in first language and second language in all language domains: reading, writing, listening, and speaking

  • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and beliefs

At Woodbury Elementary

Students begin at Woodbury Elementary where students follow a 50-50 language model with half of their daily instruction in English and half in Spanish.  During the English half of the school day, students study English Literacy with Science and Social Studies rounding out the English courses.  During the Spanish half of the school day, students focus on Math and also study Spanish Literacy.  

At Woodbury Elementary each grade level has a teaching team of three general education teachers.  One teacher, who is bilingual, teaches a classroom of students the entire day – switching languages with the students at a mid-point.  The other two teachers share two classrooms of students - swapping students at a mid-point to change language of instruction and courses.  The grade level teams are also served by a diverse educational staff, many of whom are bilingual.  

At Lenihan Intermediate School

The Dual Language Program continues at Lenihan Intermediate School the bilingual in its 50-50 language model.  Like all 5th and 6th grade students at Lenihan, the Dual Language students are assigned to a neighborhood and teachers within that team.  Dual Language students receive a block of Spanish instruction for half of their day to focus on Math and Science; Spanish Literacy development deepens through study of these content areas.  A block of English Literacy and Social Studies is received during the English half of the instructional day.

At Miller Middle School

At the secondary level, the program model shifts from a 50-50 model to a language maintenance model. Parents and students exiting the K-6 Dual Language Program have the option to elect bilingual programming at Miller Middle School.  The maintenance program shares the same student goals as the Dual Language Program but mainly seeks to uphold and build on the students’ Spanish language.

Seventh and Eighth graders enrolling in the bilingual program at Miller Middle School have their literacy block divided in two parts – one half is instructed in Spanish and the other instructed in English.  The remaining coursework is received in English. 

At Marshalltown High School

By the time the bilingual program students enter Marshalltown High School students have both English and Spanish literacy skills and are free to pursue mastery of a third language and/or test into Spanish courses offered through the World Language Department.  Successful participation in high school bilingual program may position the bilingual learner to earn Spanish college credits paid for by Marshalltown Community School District.      

How to Enroll

Parents can elect to enroll their students into the Dual Language program in kindergarten or first grade by completing an application form available at the Woodbury Elementary School office. Those in higher grades need to contact the school for further consultation.   

To register contact Woodbury Elementary at 641-754-1080 or Rachel Inks at 641-754-1000.

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