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School Library

School Library Program Vision Statement

Preparing ALL learners to become productive and engaged citizens in an information-rich world.

School Library Program Mission Statement

We develop students and staff who become effective users of information and

embrace a love of reading and literature through personalized learning experiences.

The Marshalltown Community School District Libraries follow a curriculum aligned with the American Association of School Librarians, the National Education Technology Standards, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and the Iowa Core Curriculum.

All schools offer a fully staffed and full-service library with a teacher librarian who is uniquely prepared and strategically positioned to:

    • teach students to think critically and independently to construct new understandings and insights from varied information sources.

    • lead and embrace the integration of technology to enhance learning.

    • connect communities of learners in virtual and physical spaces.

    • collaborate with the school community to design and enact rigorous learning experiences and participate as positive digital citizens.

    • maximize access to quality print and digital resources.

    • champion and support the reading life of students.

    • nurture curiosity to develop in students a passion for learning for life.

Teacher Librarians enhance the student literacy and technology experiences. Each school maintains a library with print and digital resources and maintains websites with online resources for inquiry and research. Students are also introduced to information literacy, digital citizenship and Project Lead the Way coding in their library experiences starting as early as kindergarten. Various additional activities such as Battle of the Books, Lit over Lunch, and Poetry Out Loud provide students additional opportunities to explore reading as a lifelong passion.

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