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Marshalltown Schools Fast Facts

7 Fast Facts on Marshalltown Schools

1. State leader in dual credit opportunities: Students at Marshalltown High School are taking 3,250 college credits this school year, 

tuition-free to them.

2. Experienced and award-winning teachers and staff

3. STEM curriculum starting in preschool all the way through high school, preparing students for the next generation of jobs

4. Diverse student population preparing students for the real world

5. Dual Language program offers opportunities for students to be 

fluent in English and Spanish, something employers seek

6. Extended Learning Program taught by full-time specialists 

allowing high achievers to soar. Currently, a recent MHS graduate is attending Yale University, one of thousands of our graduates reaching  high levels of success. 

7. The most extracurricular offerings by far in the area including 

robotics, health careers club, intramural sports beginning in 5th grade, and more!


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